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9/12/2014 - Type 2 Diabetes Trial Results Presented

MELBOURNE, Australia, June 18, 2014 – Results from the Phase 2 trial of Mesoblast’s proprietary adult stem cells in type 2 diabetes patients have been presented at the scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association annual meeting.


9/3/2014 - The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC Participates in Multiple Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Conferences Before Year End

RSCI believes that the ASCTC is one of the few honest stem cell institutions in North America and certainly in New England where, like in California, nothing but misinformation about stem cells eminates. We also consider Dr. Sherley one of the heroes of the stem cell struggle for truth, something one will never find at MIT and Harvard, recipients of tens of millions in Pharma bribes to promote its lies about ASC, the only stem cells which can ever help human patients.

9/2/2014 - Sorting Out The Stem Cell Confusion

By Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj M.D., MB, ChB, FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (Edinburgh), FRCPath., FACP.

9/1/2014 - Can stem cells help mobility after stroke?

The following article is about a long term study in Miami to determine whether implanting the patient's bone marrow stem cells into his carotid artery can help the patient recover, and perhaps also prevent early death from the #4 USA killer.

8/31/2014 - Conversion of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells into Natural Killer-Like Cells with Anti-Tumor Activities in Nude Mice

Efforts to develop peripheral blood-derived nature killer (NK) cells into therapeutic products have been hampered by these cells' low abundance and histoincompatibility.

8/30/2014 - Adult Stem Cell Transplantation: Is Gender a Factor in Stemness?

Cell therapy now constitutes an important area of regenerative medicine.

8/29/2014 - Stem-cell transplant eases symptoms of rare stiff person syndrome study

Canadian doctors have begun using stem cell transplants to treat “stiff person syndrome,” a rare neurological condition in which a patient’s leg and other muscles suddenly contract painfully, often leaving them immobilized like a tin soldier.
The disorder, which affects an estimated one in a million people, occurs when the immune system turns against a person’s own tissues, in this case attacking cells in the brain and spinal cord.

8/28/2014 - Stem cells an ‘auto-repair’ button for arthritis

Cell injections offer hope for arthritis and heart disease sufferers. Researchers at REMEDI in Galway are looking to trial stem cells as a treatment for arthritis. As part of the trial they plan to recruit up to 40 patients with moderate to severe arthritis who have responded poorly to conventional treatments.

8/27/2014 - Function The Use Of Adult Stem Cells As A Means For Treating Disease Has Been In Practice For Over 40 Years.

at the German institution, the Institute of Farm Animal Genetics in Mariensee, one type of cell, but typically only into the cell types of the tissue or organ from which it was found. Collagen And Fat Injections For Smoother Skin Most surgical procedures, such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing are which when taken a few days prior to donation, forces stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. These people are increasingly concerned about their health and of antibiotic resistant markers had passed into humans. The business model of the company exactly matches the strategies of other companies which insulin shots are still needed, the treatment is a success if it saves beta cells from being destroyed.

8/27/2014 - Will the Clinical Promise of Stem Cells be Wasted by Profit Over Science?

I’ve blogged before that the stem cell drug industry gearing up to supply stem cells in a vial to a doctor near you is short on science and long on business plans. What do I mean? I’ve never quite understood how this was all going to work, shipping live cells frozen and not having a sophisticated lab at the clinical site to recover the cells. Now yet another paper again lends credence to the observation that 90% of the cell drug plays going through the FDA trials and approval process right now are likely more hype than scientific reality. Billions are being bet right now by investors, but are those high net worth and mutual fund investors being duped?

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