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8/18/2014 - Stem Cell Therapy: No More A Science Fable

“Southampton surgeons have established a new, hot off the fire knee operation using patients own stem cells and surgical glue that could prevent the development of arthritis….”


Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are found in most tissues and organs of the body. They can self-renew, and mainly form the cell types of that tissue or organ. Their main role is to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. Blood stem cells, for example, give rise to new blood cells, ensuring that old or damaged blood cells are replenished.

7/31/2014 - Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research

Oklahoma Center for Adult Stem Cell Research

7/30/2014 - Stem Cells Are Now Being Used to Repair a Human’s Cornea

Latest Update in Vision News!
Stem Cells Are Now Being Used to Repair a Human’s Cornea


Using Adult Stem Cells in the Treatment of Lupus

7/2/2014 - Researchers regrow corneas using adult human stem cells

Boston researchers have successfully regrown human corneal tissue – a feat that could potentially restore vision in the blind.

6/18/2014 - Preventing Catastrophic Adult Stem Cell Damage

A new technology for identification of new drug candidates that are toxic to adult stem cell cells in the human body. The new AlphaSTEM technology is the first of its kind to address a long-standing unmet need in the pharmaceutical industry.

4/10/2014 - Kay's New Lease on Life after Stem Cell Therapy for MS

EIGHT years after doctors told her she had multiple sclerosis, Kay Jarrett is going to the gym regularly, taking walks and doing things that had been impossible for a couple of decades.

4/9/2014 - Scientists Use Stem Cells to grow body parts in their Lab, including Noses, Ears, and Tear Ducts

A revolutionary procedure involving a patient’s own stem cells has allowed British researchers to grow artificial body parts in their lab, including noses, ears, tear ducts, and blood vessels, which they can then reattach to the patient’s body.

4/7/2014 - Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke Recovery

MONDAY, April 7, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- In an early test, researchers report they've safely injected stem cells into the brains of 18 patients who had suffered strokes. And two of the patients showed significant improvement.

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