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Adult Stem Cells Helping Spinal Cord Injury Patients NOW!

Release date: 3/29/2009

A published stem cell research study shows that Adult Stem Cells implanted into Spinal Cord Injury patients is not only safe, but also improves their quality of life.

New Stem Cell Research for Spinal Cord Injuries
A published stem cell research study shows that Adult Stem Cells implanted into Spinal Cord Injury patients is not only safe, but also improves their quality of life.
Published in the new issue of Cell Transplantation (Vol. 17 No.12), doctors in Ecuador did 8 individual case studies of Adult Stem Cell treatment for Spinal Cord Injury patients.
Different Ways to Deliver the Adult Stem Cells
The stem cells were implanted 3 different ways:
  • Into the spinal column
  • Into the spinal cavity
  • Administered intravenously
The 8 patients (4 acute and 4 chronic) were followed for 2 years using MRI scans to assess any changes in the spinal cord.  From the stem cell article abstract:
Comprehensive evaluations demonstrate improvements in ASIA, Barthel (quality of life), Frankel, and Ashworth scoring. Moreover, in order to assess bladder function, we designed a simple numerical clinical scoring system that demonstrates significant changes in bladder function following BMSCs administration.
Patient Quality of Life Improved- No Adverse Events
Dr. Silva, one of the authors of the study says “To date, we have administered BMCs into 52 patients with SCI and have had no tumor formations, no cases of infection or increased pain, and few instances of minor adverse events. We also found that patient quality of life improved.
For patients with spinal cord injuries- these improvements, especially in bladder function makes a big difference in their quality of life.
Stem Cell Treatment in Ecuador, Not the USA
The stem cell treatment is being carried out by  Dr. Luis Geffner at the Luis Vernaza hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  We first heard about Dr. Geffner after he treated Michael Flounders who was extremely pleased with his stem cell therapy in Ecuador as he traveled all the way from the United Kingdom:
“It has broadened the horizons of my recovery; it has given me a sense of hope. Everyday things are changing; the feelings in my legs are becoming a lot more powerful.”
Effects of Adult Stem Cell Research Explained
“Autologous stem cell transplantation of BMCs (Bone Marrow Cells) can promote the growth of blood vessels and, therefore, represent an alternative therapy,” said Dr. Silva.
“BMCs are well known for their ability to grow blood vessels,” explained Dr. Silva. “This angiogenesis is necessary for wound healing and establishing a growth permissive environment. We hypothesized that improved blood flow and oxygen supply could contribute to functional improvements for SCI transplanted with autologous BMCs.
More Stem Cell Research for Spinal Cord Injury Information
Please see our archives for more patients who have been helped with stem cells for SCI

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