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MANY WOMEN HAVE RISKED THEIR LIVES OR EMPTIED THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS TO LOOK OR FEEL BETTER through conventional breast augmentation procedures, despite all the potential problems and dangers, including:

  • Invasive surgery
  • Ruptured implants
  • Rejection
  • Calcification
  • Costs upwards of $10,000 for each implantation
  • Replacement after several years
  • Potential cancer

RSCI has a much better solution! A completely safe and healthy way to avoid these risks but still improve the way you look USING STEM CELL TREATMENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR TOP RATED STEM CELL TREATMENT CENTER IN THAILAND.

Breast enhancement using stem cell treatments has already improved the lives of more than a hundred women.

How can stem cells improve your breasts without putting you at risk?

With breast augmentation using stem cell treatment, there is absolutely no risk of rejection, as there is with traditional implants. Breast augmentation through stem cell treatment involves injecting you with your own fat stem cells.

Simply put, your body cannot — AND WILL NOT — reject its own cells. Stem cells stimulate blood flow to the fat, enabling it to survive and remain healthy. The result is softer, more natural looking breasts without the dangers of leakage, infection, cysts or ruptures. Better yet, you don’t just enhance your breasts, but you remove fat from some of the areas of your body where you carry it in excess, such as your stomach and thighs.

This is too good to be true, right?

Absolutely not. Take, for example, Lucy Mead, who a few years ago became the first woman in the U.K. to use stem cell treatment for breast augmentation.

Stem Cells Breast Enhancement Before PictureStem Cells Breast Enhancement After Picture

(Above) Lucy Mead was the UK's first patient to undergo stem cell breast augmentation using her own stem cells.

"There wasn't any bruising on my breasts," Mead told The Daily Mail in 2009. "They're noticeably bigger, lifted and more rounded... my clothes definitely feel looser already over my thighs and hips even though it'll be another few days before all the swelling's gone down."

Get the enhancement you deserve and always wanted, from a top doctor, at less than you'd pay in North America. It's a benefit available only through the Repair Stem Cell Institute.

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In 2003, Don created the very first clinic IN THE WORLD to treat sick and dying heart patients with stem cells at an average of 100 each year 

In 2008 Don created the Repair Stem Cell Institute to help patients with one of 100 chronic conditions, who can NEVER be cured in a "no cures allowed" corrupt medical system, find a stem cell clinic which can give them a far better quality of life.

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