GW0742: Dosage & Usage

Cardarine, also known as GW501516, is one of the most widely used SARMs out there. Technically, Cardarine is a PPAR agonist rather than a SARM. However, because it’s frequently advertised and sold as a SARM, it’s always labeled as such.

Cutting cycles are where the drug is most commonly utilized.

According to various studies, Cardarine stimulates the expression of genes involved in fat metabolism in the skeletal muscles. To put it another way, it encourages your body to break down and burn fat.

But how does this relate to GW0742?

GW0472 is said to be a better variant of Cardarine GW501516.

What Exactly is GW0742?

GW-0742 is a relatively new drug that is frequently compared to Cardarine. The only reason GW0742 was developed in the first place, according to rumors, was to extend GlaxoSmithKline’s patent on Cardarine.

When we look at the chemical structure of GW-0742, we can see that the only difference between the two compounds is a single atom. This suggests that GW0742 and Cardarine aren’t all that dissimilar and that their effects may be similar.

 Athletes primarily utilize this substance to increase their stamina. GW0742’s fat-burning characteristics also make it a good energy booster in the body. Additionally, this medicine aids in the enhancement of your body’s oxidative powers.

GlaxoSmithKline is investigating the use of GW-0742, a PPAR/agonist, as a therapeutic candidate. Only one tiny difference between GW0742 and Cardarine may be seen in its atomic structure. Despite this, this medication outperforms Cardarine. According to some sources, GW0742 is 200 times more potent than Cardarine.

GW-0742’s applications and method of action are almost identical to Cardarine’s. On the other hand, this drug is more powerful and comes with a slew of additional advantages. GW-0742 is currently the subject of several investigations to find out what else it could be used for. More information on this drug is scheduled to be released soon.

How Does GW0742 Work?

GW-0742 is not a SARM, despite popular belief. Rather, it is a PPAR delta agonist, which means it functions similarly to other drugs in the same class. The most evident job of GW0742, among many others, is to break down the fats in your body. This type of breakdown gives your body a lot of energy.

Athletes benefit the most from using GW0742  because of this energy generation. Even extremely modest doses of this drug are said to considerably aid in the production of energy, endurance, and stamina.

GW-0742 has also been linked to a significant increase in insulin sensitivity, thus lowering the risk of developing Type II diabetes.

A few clinical investigations have also shown that this medication is an excellent heart protector. In rats, GW0742 was shown to aid with right heart hypertrophy by modifying the structure of the causative gene.

What are the Benefits of Using GW0742?

As previously noted, the majority of studies on the drug’s effects have yet to be verified. However, there are a few well-established and well-accepted benefits of GW-0742 that nearly no one is afraid to discuss. The following are a few of them:

1.   Lowers cholesterol levels in the body

A recent study on rats that looked at the effects of GW0742 revealed that it is an excellent drug for keeping cholesterol levels in the body in check. When the medicine reaches the target spots inside the body, it reverses the process of cholesterol transport to the circulation.

As a result, most of the cholesterol consumed by the body is driven into the digestive tract, where it is eventually eliminated. When the body’s cholesterol levels are too high, it can lead to a variety of serious health concerns, such as heart disease and diabetes.

2.   Handles bodily fats more effectively

Lipids, particularly triglycerides, must be kept in specific quantities within the body. Failure to maintain a healthy lipid profile might lead to serious heart problems.

Lipid concentrations that are too high in the body can be lethal. Once the lipids have collected inside, lowering this concentration is extremely difficult.

When consumed in extremely modest dosages, GW0742 has been shown to improve the body’s lipid metabolism. As a result of this property, GW-0742 is a predictor of the body’s fantastic lipid profiles. It may also be referred to as a lifesaver in the future.

3.   Relieves inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract

Gut inflammation is one of the most serious types of swelling that the human body can experience. The majority of the time, people are only aware of their gut inflammation after it has progressed. This causes the sufferer a lot of pain and can even be fatal in some cases.

Thankfully, taking GW-0742 in small doses on a regular basis can help with intestinal inflammation by reducing swelling. This medicine can also alleviate the uncomfortable sensations caused by an inflamed gut, providing significant relief.

These are the benefits of GW0742 that you cannot expect from Cardarine at this time. Apart from that, this medication has practically all of Cardarine’s advantages. The following is a list of its other advantages:

  • Improved workout results: GW0742 is an excellent drug for promoting fat degradation in the body. This makes it highly advantageous for anyone attempting to lose weight through exercise and other physical activity.
  • More energy: GW0742 causes the body to produce more energy by breaking down stored body fats. This is especially beneficial for people who engage in a lot of physical activity. People who have more energy feel less weary and can stay active for longer periods.
  • Better heart health: Taking GW0742 regularly benefits your heart and circulatory system in a variety of ways. It strengthens the valves, aids in blood flow improvement, keeps the arteries clear of blockage, and improves the cardiovascular muscles.
  • Reduced inflammation: GW0742 is particularly good at reducing bodily inflammation and maintaining the health of the veins and arteries.
  • Improved kidney and liver function: GW-0742 aids in the healthy and long-term functioning of the kidneys and liver by speeding up the breakdown of fats and maintaining healthy body lipids. As a result of GW0742 ingestion, there are fewer lipids in the body and fewer chances of inflammation, which reduces the odds of disease developing in any of these organs.
  • Lower risk of skeletal system problems: GW-0742 prevents bone and cartilage inflammation and fibrillation. As a result, it’s a good agent for keeping the skeleton healthy for a long time, lowering the risk of diseases.

What are the Side Effects of Using GW0742

The best thing about using this drug is that it has no severe or deadly side effects. All you have to do is pay attention to the dosage and avoid taking GW-0742 every day unless directed otherwise by a physician. As a result of this, you’re unlikely to experience any GW0742 side effects.

The sole risk linked with taking this medicine is that some people will grow a larger heart than normal. Your body may have reduced levels of activated calcineurin if you sleep on significant grams of GW0742 every day.

When this element is activated, the heart expands, which might be dangerous to one’s life. However, it’s unclear whether or not everyone is affected by this GW-0742 side effect. Only a tiny percentage of individuals who are already sick may acquire a larger heart due to taking this medication. If this is confirmed, GW-0742 has the potential to become the world’s next miracle medicine, as it has no other side effects on healthy people.

Cycle and Dosage

Dosing is difficult due to a lack of significant studies on this medicine. Most individuals follow a guideline based on Cardarine. As we know, the two medications are very similar.

As a result, the recommended starting dosage for newcomers is 10mg per day. Intermediate and advanced users can take up to 25mg per day in greater doses. Don’t go any further than this.

Where Can I Get GW0742?

Science Bio is an excellent place to get GW0742. Science Bio is a reputed SARMs company situated in the United States that sells clean and effective chemicals. They are the go-to source for SARMs since their quality and consistency are unrivaled.

They have some of the best pricing on the market right now. The price of a 50ml vial of 10mg/ml GW-0742 is currently $59.99. You will spend the same amount of money for a 30ml bottle as you would with other merchants. That’s a difference of about 70% in volume!

If you buy more than $100, you will also receive free shipping. For orders above $275, international purchasers are also eligible for free shipping. Oh, and if you order before the cut-off time, Science Bio will send your order the same day.


GW0742 is a very promising compound. However, its reputation is harmed by the absence of clinical data. It’s not just a lack of understanding of the complete advantages and proper dosages; it is also the lack of knowledge of the potential side effects.

Long-term adverse effects of the medicine may exist that we are completely unaware of. That’s why most people stick to Cardarine GW501516, which has been thoroughly researched and is extensively utilized.

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