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Do you, or does someone you love have an untreatable medical condition?

REPAIR STEM CELLS (RSC) come primarily from the patient’s own body and sometimes from the umbilical cords of healthy newborns. The Repair Stem Cells are then implanted back into the patient, usually resulting in significant reduction of the symptoms and sometimes slowing the progression of the disease.

REPAIR STEM CELLS are now being used by expert doctors to help people suffering from 100+ serious health conditions considered “untreatable” or where current treatments are inadequate to relieve the patient’s suffering.

Today, there is a chance that one of the expert stem cell doctors who have met our rigorous Stem Cell Standards will be able to help. There are over 100 stem cell treatment centers worldwide and less than 10% meet our standards!

So when a doctor tells you or someone you love, “There is nothing more we can do,” know there is something YOU can do—and it starts right here. First, click here and see if one of our qualified doctors is treating that illness: DISEASES TREATED

If you can’t find the disease or condition you are looking for – Don’t give up! Please email Don [email protected] and he will try to help.

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2/25/2010 – You Call That Success?

A news story out yesterday exemplifies the “successes” of embryonic stem cells.
2/17/2010 – Dilated Cardiomyopathy Improvement

A dilated cardiomyopathy patient’s ejection fraction has gone up from 23% to 41% after 6 months following stem cell treatment…

2/6/2010 – Heart Disease vs Stem Cells – History

Here is a complete timeline of Heart Disease vs Stem Cells from 1998 to TODAY!
2/6/2010 – Heart Disease Clinical Trials

What happens when you search for clinical trials with “Heart Stem Cell”? Seven trials out of 318…
1/30/2010 – Stem Cell Successes With Cerebral Palsy Patient

Another child with cerebral palsy has been helped by their own adult stem cells.
Success Story – Cerebral Palsy
Stem CellS IMPROVE Girl WITH Cerebral Palsy BY 85%
The mother of a Tampa Bay girl says her daughter is 85% cured of her cerebral palsy following the implantation of adult stem cells…

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