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5/30/2010 – Stem cell treatment for diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is now seen as an epidemic by health researchers – however, stem cell therapy providers in Europe and Thailand have had great success treating patients with their own adult stem cells for this invasive disease. Stem cell therapy providers in Germany have recognized and been exploiting the potential of stem cells to treat diabetes for a while now.
5/26/2010 – Kidneying Around with Adult Stem Cells

Scientists have shown that human adult stem cells can promote kidney repair. There are currently no therapies to repair kidney damage. Patients with severe kidney damage go on dialysis while waiting for an organ transplant. The results of this recent study showed that human adult bone marrow stem cells, injected into mice with induced kidney damage, could promote kidney repair and regeneration.

All you have to do is meet Kyle Loh to realize he’s a pretty normal kid, except he is on a mission.
“I like dance music a lot,” this 16-year-old said as he listened to Lady Gaga on his MacBook Pro.
5/8/2010 – Children Knowingly Poisoned by Big Pharma

With Big Medicine spending tens of millions bribing congress and doctors to keep stem cells out of standard medicine, we say it is because profits are all and patients are lab rats in what passes for medicine in North America.
We have this response to those who say that we are wrong. Notice that every quote by the FDA is used to minimize the seriousness of the situation.
5/5/2010 – Using Stem Cells To Heal Pets

Using Stem Cells To Heal Pets
Success Story – Cerebral Palsy
Najib had suffered from seizures since the age of 4 months. His seizures are rare but extreme, lasting at times for more than two hours. His CP affected both gross and fine motor skills as well as his ability to talk. Najib was unable to truly engage objects or people for any length of time…

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